The following is the English translation of Tmax Scoutor presentation slides. My own addition is in the [bracket].

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Tmax Scoutor: Bridge the Web

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Web Browser Market

  • Worldwide market share (Source: NetApplication, June 2009)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (66%)
    • Mozilla Firefox (22%)
    • Mac Safari (8%)
    • Google Chrome (2%)
    • Opera (1%)
    • Others (1%)
  • Korean market share (Source: InternetTrend, June 2009)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (98%)
    • Others (2%)
  • Why is only IE widely used in Korea?
Slide 03

Website Not Supporting [Non-IE Browsers]

Slide 04

What The Market Share Means?

  • Worldwide
    • Support of Web standard—Support of various OSes and systems—Increase of conforming websites
    • Era of Web 2.0
    • Keeping the rights of choice, increasing accessibility
    • Creation of new market
  • Korea
    • Ignorance of Web standard, excessive use of ActiveX—No support of non-IE browsers
    • Vendor lock-in
    • Browser monopoly makes OS monopoly
    • No chance to create new market
    • Intangible restriction on industries outside IE
Slide 05

Scoutor As A Bridge

  • Ideal: exile from vendor lock-in, creation of new market
  • Reality: semi-mandatory support of ActiveX, the cost of adopting Web standard, usability
  • Trade-off: support of both domestic [Korean] environment and [many] Web standards
Slide 06

Web Browser

[Diagram omitted]

Slide 07

Browser Engine Supporting Web Standards

  • Support of current standards including HTML 4 and CSS 2.1
  • Support of future standards including HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • High-performance Javascript execution via JIT compiler
  • Passing Acid1 and Acid2 test
  • Almost passing Acid3 test
Slide 08

Result Of Acid3 Test

[Table omitted, Scoutor 1.0 scores 99 out of 100]

Slide 09

Browser Engine Supporting Domestic [Web] Environment

  • Friendly UI for existing Web browser users
  • Support of IE-specific DOM API
  • Support of IE-specific Javascript and [browser] objects
  • User-Agent disguised as IE
  • Support of download, installation and execution of ActiveX [controls]
  • Support of Javascript features required by ActiveX [controls]
Slide 10

Support For ActiveX

[Diagram omitted, showing Webcore and ActiveX bridge plugin communicating via NPAPI]

Slide 11

Javascript Compatibilty

[Diagram omitted, showing heavily modified Webkit engine]

Slide 12

Tmax Scoutor

  • Bridge between worldwide trend and reality in Korea
  • Will help upgrading Korean IT industry
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Thank you!

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